People are Central in Mtwara Industrial Growth

Plans are afoot to make Mtwara Region the hub of petrochemical industries that will use natural gas as raw material. The Chairman of Mtwara Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture Swallah Said Swallah explains to The Citizen what the chamber is doing to help entrepreneurs prepare to participate in the anticipated industrialization.

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Training through T-LED

The Tanzania Local Enterprise Development (T-LED) project supports small and medium sized business owners (SMEs) and farmers in overcoming the barriers they face in accessing the opportunities that the gas and agricultural sectors will bring in the coming years, with additional focus on supporting SMEs that are run by women.

Many female small-business owners joined us for the T-LED launch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in February, 2016. These women talked about the pride they have in their businesses and also about some of the obstacles they face in expanding. T-LED will give them the opportunity to learn better business, financing and negotiation skills to improve their businesses.

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